The highline shear pin adapter provides a 50,000 pound weak link between the star probe highline end fitting and the pelican hook.

  • Highline Shear Pins

    The shear pin for the highline shear pin adapter is a replacement for the adapter. It is designed to fail when loads exceed 50,000 pounds and prevents damage to the supporting ship's structure and surrounding equipment.

  • Highline End Fitting Adapters

    The highline end fitting adapter is used with the 7/8" or 1" wire rope poured socket. It is used to reconfigure the end fitting of a highline wire rope for stream or conventional transfer methods.

  • Highline Star Probe

    The star probe fitting consists of a probe head, tube with end cap, and a fin mounted guide ring. It slides over the highline end fitting and provides a securing point for the star latch assembly when using the star rig.

  • Highline End Fittings - Poured Socket

    The highline end fitting poured socket is a permanently installed threaded fitting attached to the outboard end of the wire rope highline. It is used in conjunction with the highline end fitting adapter.

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