• Tools - Coupling Assembly (FC91)

    The FC91 coupling assembly tool is a specially designed tool for installing the Hydrasearch FC91 fueling couplings.

  • Tools - Coupling Assembly (Segmental '81™)

    The segmental '81 coupling assembly tool is a heavy duty socket wrench for installing and removing the 2-1/2", 4", 6", and 7" segmental '81 couplings.


    The hose crimper is fabricated from galvanized steel pipe and plate. It is designed to clamp off a section of fuel hose when changing an end fitting and prevents any residual fuel in the hose from leaking during the operation.

  • Tools - Crook, Hose

    The hose crook is fabricated from aluminum tubing and plate and is used by the fueling station personnel to aid in handling the hose rig on the delivery ship.

  • Tools - Cutter, Wire Rope - Hydraulic

    The hydraulic wire rope cutter is a hand operated wire rope cutter used for general purpose non-emergency cutting of wire rope. The wire rope is cut as the hydraulic cylinder is pressurized.

  • Tools - Cutter, Wire Rope - Impact

    The impact wire rope cutter is used for general purpose non-emergency cutting of wire rope. It is operated by striking the top with a heavy sledge or hand hammer.

  • Tools - Gripper, Bulwark

    The bulwark gripper is a manually operated tool which is mounted to the ship's bulwark. It is configured for starboard or port use and is designed to temporarily secure or hold wire lines during rigging operations.

  • Tools - Probe Relatching

    The probe relatching tool is an aluminum fabrication with a threaded spindle in the top. It works in the same manner as a bearing puller and resets the probe locking mechanisms. It is also used to conduct pre-operational inspection of the probe.

  • D17967- PIC

    The hose shut-off clamp is used to crimp pressurized 6-inch collapsible hose on both sides of a damaged section so that the damaged section can be cut out.  Hose couplings or repair assemblies can then be installed as required, with minimum time and effort.

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