The split clamp assembly is a hinged ring that fits over the shoulder of the joined male-female split clamp fittings and holds the connection in place.


    The support collar is designed to fit around the split clamp that connects a male and female hose coupling. One of its ear shackles attaches to an anchor while the other attaches to a float. The collars are used to support a hose assembly running from sea to shore.

  • Clamps - 2-1/2 inch (in.) Hose Handling (Astern Fueling)

    The 2-1/2" hose handling clamp is installed on the outboard end of the hose assembly on the 2-1/2" astern fueling rig and provides an attachment point for the pickup float messenger and connecting pendant.

  • Clamps - 4 inch (in.) Hose Handling

    The 4" hose handling clamp provides a means to lash the pigtail hose into the receiving trunk and assist in handling of the hose.