• 22240 Series - Fueling at Sea Hoses


    Fueling at sea hoses come in 2-1/2", 4", 6", and 7" inside diameter sizes and are utilized for various transfer applications. The 4", 6", and 7" Type A hoses are used only for alongside fueling. The 2-1/2" Type C hoses can be used for the alongside transfer of the water in addition to fuel. The 6" Type B hose is utilized in astern refueling-at-sea operations.

  • Hose Assemblies - Jumper Female Couplings & Split Clamps Both Ends

    Hose: MIL-H-22240
    Couplings: MIL-C-24356

    The 2-1/2" and 6" jumper hose assemblies contain one female split clamp coupling, o-ring, and split clamp on each end of the hose. They are utilized to mate to the male split end fitting when draining the hose rigs or transferring fuel or water.

    To be used with aluminum split clamps.

  • Hose Assemblies - Alongside and Astern Fueling at Sea

    Hose: MIL-H-22240
    Couplings: MIL-C-24356

    The alongside and astern fueling at sea hose assemblies are available in 2-1/2", 4", 6", and 7" inside diameter sizes. Each contains one male and one female coupling, o-ring, and hose. The assembly is hydrostatically tested to proof pressure test of 300 PSI prior to shipment.

  • Hose Assemblies - Pigtail, 4 inch (in.)


    The 4" pigtail hose assemblies are available in 10 or 30 foot lengths and are used in trunk fueling of ships. The male and female threaded couplings are built into the assembly during manufacture.

  • Hose Assemblies - Receiver Probe

    The receiver hose assembly consists of an 8 foot section of 7" wire reinforced hose, two 7" split clamps, one 7" male and female coupling, two 7" o-rings and one 7" female split to 8" flange tailpiece (Optional). It provides a flexible but noncollapsible hose connection between the probe receiver and the fuel riser. Please specify with or without tailpiece when ordering.