• Chafe Guards, Black TFE

    Resistant to most oils, fuels, and acids. Temperature range -65ºF to +450ºF. Conforms to AS1291 Code B.

    Also Available:
    White TFE chafe guard, AS1291 Code A
    Clear FEP chafe guard, AS1291 Code C

  • Chafe Guards Rubber Neoprene

    Hydrasearch 148-14593 protective sleeve is a tough, fuel, oil and ozone resistant, Neoprene chafe guard. The sleeve protects hose assemblies from abrasion and scuffing in ground servicing or airborne applications through a temperature range of -65ºF to +250ºF.

  • Spiral Protective Coils

    May be applied to hoses in the field by spirally wrapping or winding around the hose. The natural grab between coils reduces the possibility of entrapped moisture. One size covers hose sizes through -20.

    Installed gap of 0.250 recommended.

    Also Available:
    Black Nylon spiral protective coil resistant to most oils, fuels, and weak acids. Temperature range -145ºF to +230ºF.

    White TFE spiral protective coil is resistant to most oils, fuels, and acids. Temperature range -450ºF to +500ºF.

  • Firesleeves

    I.A.W. AS1072. Meets FAATSO C53, TSO C75, and FAA TSO C42 standards. Silicone impregnated fiberglass braid provides increased service life under conditions of ambient temperatures up to +500ºF and is resistant to most aircraft fuels, oils, and hydraulic fluids, including Skydrol 500 (Skydrol is a Monsanto trademark).

  • Heat Shrink Chafe Guards

    Provides hose assemblies with skin-tight protection against heat, corrosion, shock, moisture and other conditions. Prolongs the service life of the assembly.

  • Internal Support Springs

    Used to prevent damage to assemblies subject to mishandling, high vacuum, or tight bend installations. Made of flat helically wound type 302 stainless steel.

    Sleeves spot welded to end of spring to prevent damage of I.D. of hoses. Internal Support Springs are supplied as assemblies of fixed length and diameter and are available from the factory only. Specify type and size of hose, configuration of hose fittings, and length of assembly.