• Messengers - Basic FAS/RAS

    The fueling-at-sea messenger is a 600 foot graduated line used to haul the transfer rig and other lines between ships during refueling.

  • Messengers - Bridle Assembly (Astern Fueling)

    The messenger bridle assembly tows the hose messenger and messenger buoy during astern fueling operations and provides a means of securing the hose while it is connected to the fuel riser.

  • Messengers - Hose (Astern Fueling)

    The hose messenger assembly consists of a 310 foot nylon messenger assembly, grapnel, and float and pendant assembly. It is used to tow the messenger buoy behind the astern fueling hose rig when the rig is deployed behind the delivery ship, providing a visual indicator of the hose rig location. It is also used to haul the messenger bridle and hose onboard the receiving ship.

  • Messengers - Phone/Distance

    The phone/distance lead line messenger is a 200 foot length of nylon or 6 thread with snap hooks attached to each end. A 5" x 6" label is attached to one end stating "attach zero end B/B phone/distance line". It is used as a messenger for the bridge -to-bridge phone/distance and station-to-station phone lines.

  • Messengers - Star

    The star messenger is an 800 foot graduated nylon or polyester line. Beckets are sliced into the messenger for attachments of various lines. It is used to haul the station-to-station phone line, highline, and surf/star between ships during the deployment of the messenger rigged star or traveling surf rigs.