• ST-PIG-LNCHR-25AF--2-Items-copyPIC

    The pig launcher is a "Y" assembly made from steel pipe with a valve system incorporated to direct air and fluid flow. It is used in the 2-1/2" and 6" astern fueling operation to launch the 2-1/2" and 6" polyurethane pig during blowdown operations. The pig is loaded into the top of the "Y" assembly which is then capped. Compressed air is directed in from behind the pig to blow it through the launcher, the astern fueling reel, and down the astern hose line. Any residual oil is drained through the valve system on the lower part of the "Y" assembly into a separate tank.

  • Pigs - Elbow Connector - 90 Degree (Astern Fueling)

    The 90º elbow connector is used with the 6" astern fueling system. It is the connector between the pig launcher and the flexible hose assembly on the astern fueling reel.

  • -UR-PIG-25AF--4-Items-PIC

    The hose cleanout pig is a polyurethane foam cylinder coated on both ends, whose outside diameter is slightly larger than the inside diameter of the fuel hose. It is used during blowdown of the astern fueling operation to displace/remove the fuel from the hose prior to fuel hose disconnect on the receiving ship.

  • Pigs - Catcher - 6" (Astern Fueling)

    The 6" pig catcher is a metal basket designed to fit inside the modified NATO breakable spool B end. It is used to stop the pig in the hose end fitting just outboard of the receiving ship’s fuel riser. During hose rig disconnect, after blowdown, the pig can be removed from the pig catcher when it is pulled from the modified NATO breakable spool.