The double probe assembly is used for transferring fuel to ships equipped with a single or double probe receiver. The double probe assembly consists of the probes and carrier assembly. The upper probe is in a fixed position while the lower probe is clamped to a sliding mechanism. The mechanism allows the lower probe to align first with the lower receiver of the double probe receiver, then slides back until the upper probe is engaged in the upper receiver.


    The single probe assembly is used to transfer fuel to ships equipped with a single or double probe receiver. The single probe assembly consists of the probe and the carrier assembly. It contains a self-aligning feature and spring loaded locking mechanisms which lock the probe in a receiver. The single probe has a spring loaded sliding sleeve valve which is actuated as the probe is mated and allows the transfer of fuel.


    The probe sleeve retractor is used for draining fuel from the rig with probe installed, for conducting the pre-operational inspection of the sleeve valve, or for retracting the sleeve valve to provide access when replacing the probe nose seal.


    The special inhaul clamp attaches to the underside of the single probe and provides an attachment point for the basic messenger and messenger return line.


    The single probe stowage rack is a steel fabrication designed to provide rigid stowage for the single probe assembly. Stowage cradles with removable bolted stowage bars firmly lock the probe in the rack. Once the probe assembly is secured in the rack, the support plate may be hinged down so the probe sleeve retractor can be installed on the probe.

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