• A-FIT-RL-25-FLT--4-Items-PIC

    The flow through riding line fitting is a casting with a male split clamp coupling on one end and a female split clamp coupling on the other. It is used to join hose lengths and provide a means to suspend them from a trolley. It also provides a hook over which a riding line is passed to haul in the end of the hose rig during conventional fueling.

    To be used with aluminum split clamps.

  • Riding Line Clamps

    The 4" clamp type riding line fitting clamps outside of a 4" pigtail hose and provides an attachment point for the inhaul line.


    The fueling at sea special shackle is a forged steel chain shackle with a throat opening of 7/8" shackle and the elongated body of a 1/2" shackle. It is required to attach the riding line to its supporting hardware.