• C15891

    The free trolley consists of two frame side plates and a sheave which is secured by a quick release pin. This pin allows the trolley to be installed or removed from the spanwire. The free trolley is required for the support of the outboard end of the F.A.S. hose when using end fittings other than the probe.

  • ST-TROL-MN-HL--2-Items-PIC

    The manila highline trolley is used in transferring personnel at sea via a transfer chair, or transferring light cargo. A 7/8" safety shackle is attached to each end of the hauling plate to provide attachment point for the inhaul/outhaul lines. A swivel hook is attached to the bottom of the hauling plate. It is designed for maximum fiber rope circumference of five inches.

  • Trolleys - Saddle

    The saddle trolley consists of a shell with an upper and lower half which are attached to each other with removable pins. The trolley is installed on the spanwire by removing one of the pins and hinging the two halves apart. The sheaves are aligned with the spanwire and the pin is reinstalled. The saddle trolley is used to support the saddles and riding line fittings during the F.A.S. operation.

  • Trolleys - Spanline

    The spanline trolley consists of a single sheave between two side plates with a padeye below. It is used to support the 2-1/2" fueling rig below a synthetic spanline.

  • Trolleys - Stream, Unrep

    The stream unrep trolley is a steel weldment consisting of an upper and lower assembly, inhaul and outhaul attachment points, and adapter bolt bosses. Carriage sheaves are contained in the upper assembly and stabilizing sheaves in the lower. It is used in conjunction with the cargo hook adapter assembly, the cargo drop reel, the stream strongback, or the missile stream strongback to transfer missiles or general cargo from stream station.

  • Trolley Stoppers

    The trolley stopper is a steel weldment cut into two parts. It is designed to fit over the conventional highline end fitting to stop a trolley at the end of the wire highline on cargo stream rigs.