Unit of Measure

4" Nipple for Adapter


6" Nipple for Adapter


Modified Clamp

O-Rings (Nitrile)

O-Ring for Modified Clamp

C16914-3-MOD SOLID

8" Modified ANSI Flange
Hydrasearch Drawing No. N/A C22341 N/A C22342 N/A D22458 N/A C22350 N/A C16914-3-MOD
Material N/A Aluminum N/A Aluminum N/A Aluminum N/A NITRILE N/A Aluminum
Dimension A N/A 5.440 in N/A 5.440 in N/A 9 in N/A 9.487 in N/A 1.484 in
Dimension B N/A 9.950 in N/A 9.950 in N/A 9.50 in N/A .103 in N/A 13.500 in
Dimension C N/A 4.812 in N/A 7.102 in N/A 10.406 in N/A N/A 11.750 in
Dimension D N/A 3.700 in N/A 5.810 in N/A 1.375 in N/A N/A 9.687 in
Dimension E N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A .875 in
Female Clamp End N/A 4 in N/A 6 in N/A N/A N/A
Notes N/A Dimensional information is for reference only.
Variations from these dimensions, on actual parts, may occur as the result of engineering revisions.