Fitting: MIL-DTL-27272
Hose: MIL-DTL-27267
Hose Assembly: MIL-DTL-25579, MS8000 - MS8004

Example of a Military Part Number: MS8000E185FA270
(Hose assembly, 18-5/8" in length, for 1/4" tubing. 90 degree flared, forged fittings, set at 270 degree angular rotation. Protective sleeve type SAE AS1072.)

Medium pressure PTFE fittings are available in a complete range of sizes and styles including straights, 45º, and 90º elbows, with flared, flareless, and flanged type connections. Size -03 fittings adapt to size -04 hose and are identified by either -3/-4 or 34. Reuse of sleeves is not recommended.
Unit of Measure


Hydrasearch Item No.

N/A See PDF, "Guide to Building Hose Assemblies"

Fitting MIL Spec.

N/A MIL-DTL-27272

Hose MIL Spec.

N/A MIL-DTL-27267

Hose Assembly MIL Spec.

N/A MIL-DTL-25579, MS8000, MS8001, MS8002, MS8003, MS8004


N/A Corrosion resistant steel I.A.W. MIL-DTL-25579


N/A Passivation per AMS-QQ-P-35


N/A Flared and flareless fittings - Sizes 3 through 8 are forged design. Sizes 10 through 16 are bent tube design.


N/A High Pressure PTFE hose assemblies are available upon request.
Fittings: MIL-DTL-83296
Hose: MIL-DTL-83298

Dimensional information is for reference only.
Variations from these dimensions, on actual parts, may occur as the result of engineering revisions.



N/A   Cancer and Reproductive Harm