Military Specifications
Fitting: MIL-DTL-27272
Hose: MIL-DTL-27267
Hose Assembly: MIL-DTL-25579, MS8000 - MS8004

Example of a Military Part Number: MS8000-E-185-F-A-270
(Hose assembly, size code E=-04, 18-5/8 inch in length, for 1/4 inch tubing. 90 degree flared, forged fittings, set at 270 degree angular rotation. Protective sleeve type SAE AS1072.)

Hose assemblies may be ordered factory assembled. Bulk hose and fittings are available for customer fabricated hose assemblies. Standard hand tools can be used for low volume assembly.

Medium pressure TFE fittings are available in a complete range of sizes and styles including straights, 45º and 90º elbows, with flared, flareless and flanged type connections. Size -03 fittings adapt to size -04 hose and are identified by either -3/-4 or 34. Reuse of sleeves is not recommended.
Unit of Measure


Hydrasearch Item No.

N/A See PDF, "Guide to Building Hose Assemblies"

Fitting MIL Spec.

N/A MIL-DTL-27272

Hose MIL Spec.

N/A MIL-DTL-27267

Hose Assembly MIL Spec.

N/A MIL-DTL-25579, MS8000, MS8001, MS8002, MS8003, MS8004


N/A Corrosion resistant steel in accordance with MIL-DTL-25579. Aluminum option available upon request.


N/A Passivated per SAE-AMS2700.


N/A Flared and flareless fittings. Sizes -3 through -8 are forged design. Sizes -10 through -16 are bent tube design. Hydrasearch field-attachable elbow fittings are adjustable in angular rotation through 360°.


N/A High Pressure TFE Hose Assemblies are available upon request.
Fittings: MIL-DTL-83296
Hose: MIL-DTL-83298

Dimensional information is for reference only.
Variations from these dimensions, on actual parts, may occur as the result of engineering revisions.



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