The 1-3/8" stream pelican hook is similar to the standard pelican hook but also has a 1" diameter bail welded to the underside of the long link. The long link is tested to 50,000 pounds, while the bail is separately tested to 37,000 pounds. It is designed to provide a quick release attachment for all stream rigs, the wire highline rig (non-tensioned), and all housefall rigs. It is typically used with the traveling surf rig, but can be used with other rigs.
Unit of Measure


Hydrasearch Item No.

N/A ST-HK/PEL-1-3/8D

Equal to Global No.

N/A 2580284


N/A 4030-00-266-7415


N/A Steel

NAVSEA Drawing No.

N/A 804-860234

Estimated Weight

N/A 60 lbs


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Variations from these dimensions, on actual parts, may occur as the result of engineering revisions.



N/A   Cancer and Reproductive Harm