May be applied to hoses in the field by spirally wrapping or winding around the hose. The natural grab between coils reduces the possibility of entrapped moisture. One size covers hose sizes through -20.

Installed gap of 0.250 recommended.

Also Available:
Black Nylon spiral protective coil resistant to most oils, fuels, and weak acids. Temperature range -145ºF to +230ºF.

White TFE spiral protective coil is resistant to most oils, fuels, and acids. Temperature range -450ºF to +500ºF.
Unit of Measure


Hydrasearch Item No.

N/A item-6397

Spiral Chafe Guard Requirements


Required Inches of Spiral Chafe Guard per inch of Covered Hose = O.D. of Hose
X 0.375
0.75 + GAP


N/A Dimensional information is for reference only.
Variations from these dimensions, on actual parts, may occur as the result of engineering revisions.



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