The station-to-station phone line consists of 450 feet of 1-1/2" circumference 3 strand polypropylene line with wire woven in each strand. A waterproof sound powered telephone jackbox is connected to the end of a 6 foot tail line located at each end of the assembly. A 200 foot lead line messenger is attached to the outboard end of the assembly.

The station-to-station phone line provides a sound powered telephone circuit between delivery stations and receiving stations.

Assembly does not include lead line messenger.
Unit of Measure


Hydrasearch Item No.


Hydrasearch Drawing No.

N/A 17574


N/A Polypropylene Line

NAVSEA Drawing No.

N/A 53711-6695844 Assembly #3

Estimated Weight

N/A 70 lbs


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Variations from these dimensions, on actual parts, may occur as the result of engineering revisions.



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