Hydrasearch is pleased to introduce COFI's Coflex®D Expansion Joint.  It is a reinforced rubber single arch expansion joint (Coflex®D2 for double arch version), with extraordinary compensating functions and lightness:  over 110mm of lateral offset at high velocity, achieved by accelerating connection flanges up to 150-200G, according to MIL-S-901D.  Its incredible flexibility and strength allow it not only to withstand large deformations without damage, but also to keep efficiency under the heaviest conditions of misalignment (no fluid leakage during and after tests, under max working pressure).

Coflex®D is a perfect elastic coupling for pipe elements, with several advantages: anti-shock action, insulation of noise and vibrations, absorption of thermal expansion and equalization of assembly mismatching. Other features include:

  • Acceleration shock over 150G
  • 110mm lateral shock movement
  • Fire resistant for 30 minutes at 800°C
  • Amagnetic
  • Vehiculation of any kind of fluid
  • Light and compact realization
  • Reinforced Rubber Body (composite/metallic/textile cord) & Seal System (overlapping steel and rubber flanges)

This product is widely used by Navies for several applications, for example: flexible interface for machinery installed on elastic mountings, like main engines, diesel generators and pump units; connection between onboard plant sections, for more or less critical systems with transport of a wide number of fluids: fire fighting, fuel, oil, sea or fresh water, compressed air, steam sewage, fuel oil, JP-5, etc.

Unit of Measure

DN Flange Size Range

N/A DN40 - DN250

MIL-PRF Flange Size Range

N/A 2 in - 12 in

ANSI Flange Size Range

N/A 2 in - 12 in


N/A 5.91 in

Max. Working Pressure

N/A 232 PSI

Temperature Range

N/A 14°F to 194°F (-10°C to +90°C)


N/A Rubber Body (composite/metallic/textile cord) and Seal System (overlapping steel and rubber flanges)


N/A   Cancer and Reproductive Harm