The pig launcher is a "Y" assembly made from steel pipe with a valve system incorporated to direct air and fluid flow. It is used in the 2-1/2" and 6" astern fueling operation to launch the 2-1/2" and 6" polyurethane pig during blowdown operations. The pig is loaded into the top of the "Y" assembly which is then capped. Compressed air is directed in from behind the pig to blow it through the launcher, the astern fueling reel, and down the astern hose line. Any residual oil is drained through the valve system on the lower part of the "Y" assembly into a separate tank.
Unit of Measure


Hydrasearch Item No.


Hydrasearch Drawing No.

N/A D15527


N/A Steel


N/A 6 in

NAVSEA Drawing No.

N/A 571-4734261

Estimated Weight

N/A 400 lbs


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