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The "O"-ring seal is a molded round, circular, gasket made of synthetic rubber. It is used to provide a seal when the male and female split clamp coupling are joined together. It fits the circular groove of the female split clamp fittings.
O-Rings (Nitrile)
O-Rings (Nitrile) - 2
Unit of Measure

Item #

MIL Spec.

Equal to Aeroquip No.

Female Size

NAVSEA Drawing No.

Dimension A

Dimension B

Estimated Weight

R-RNG/0-25-234 N/A MIL-C-24356 N/A N/A 2-1/2 in N/A 803-2260817 N/A 3.262 in N/A .139 in N/A 0.02 lbs
R-RNG/0-4-346 N/A MIL-C-24356 N/A 22019-346 N/A 4 in N/A 805-4316751 N/A 4.52 in N/A .210 in N/A 0.04 lbs
R-RNG/0-6-438 N/A MIL-C-24356 N/A 22019-438 N/A 6 in N/A 805-4316751 N/A 6.775 in N/A .275 in N/A 0.06 lbs
R-RNG/0-7-442 N/A MIL-C-24356 N/A 22019-442 N/A 7 in N/A 805-4316751 N/A 7.775 in N/A .275 in N/A 0.07 lbs
Unit of Measure