The MK 89, 90, 91, and 92 hoisting slings consist of braided nylon rope providing a lifting eye at one end for helicopter attachment and thimbled safety hook at the other for load attachment. The upper portion of the pendant has a reach tube to permit raising the lift eye to the aircraft slings hook. The slings are color coded; MK89 red, MK90 aviation orange, MK91 green, and MK92 bright green. The basic difference is in the length of the reach tube and rope.

The slings are used in vertical replenishment at sea.
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Part No.


NAVORD Drawing No.

Reach Tube

Overall Length

Estimated Weight

SLNG/AY-MK89 N/A 89 N/A DC2614972 N/A 60 in N/A 72 in N/A 15 lbs
SLNG/AY-MK90 N/A 90 N/A DC2614973 N/A 84 in N/A 156 in N/A 20 lbs
SLNG/AY-MK91 N/A 91 N/A DC2614974 N/A 84 in N/A 240 in N/A 23 lbs
SLNG/AY-MK92 N/A 92 N/A DC2614975 N/A 12 in N/A 240 in N/A 20 lbs
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